What kind of Hanukkah food is there besides latkas and doughnuts?

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I make this business about Hanukkah (Figure Go!) And I need to know other foods consumed outside latkes and jelly donuts. I tried searching the Internet, but the only things that have been raised have been, guess what, latkes and donuts!


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Tre Sorelle Restaurant - new restaurant in the Sea Escarpment Dunkin Donut shopping center. It is owned by sisters- LIa, Summer and Lauren.  As a community serve , they provide amateurish at food to St.Christophers....


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I believe it's charmed that Hanukkah food is delectable all year disc-shaped, freedom? Would you switch off down a latke in August? No. No, you would not. Nobody would, because latkes are enjoyable. As a matter of fact, fried foods in inexact are delectable. The stall to shamelessly horseshit my appearance with fried tastiness is the ratiocinate Hanukkah is my number two favorite furlough (behind Purim, because Purim is fearful). If you've never made latkes, it's unquestionably very na. First you suggestion a buttload of potatoes (I got myself a quirk new food processor in a Wrathful Friday vending exactly for this!) and embrace them in a textile to get them as dry as you possibly can. Then you mince an onion and mix it into the potatoes, along with an egg, some flour, and vitality & scatter. Fettle the potato miscellany into thin cakes and fry in oil. Take to! These are a no more Daedalian than the potatoes latkes. After harsh the apple and carrots, you thinly slice the onion and mix them all together with a seldom lemon fluid. Then you mix in garlic,...


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Sunday Dinner: Celebrating Thanksgiving-Hanukkah convergence
Sunday Dinner: Celebrating Thanksgiving-Hanukkah convergence Shocked looks from foodies who count on a food writer to cider-brine, dry-rub or hoisin-glaze the bird. But this year, we can say we're celebrating Hanukkah. Hanukkah marks a military success, rededication of a temple and a one-day supply of oil that 

When Thanksgiving and Hanukkah Collide
When Thanksgiving and Hanukkah Collide It's an obsolescent European comfort food woven fairly recently into the braid of Hanukkah by the Ashkenazic Jews, solely because it was fried in fat (and all things considered goose fat). Our family was reminded of this last year in Mainz, Germany, when Jonathan led us

A sauce that's a bit Thanksgiving, a bit Hanukkah
With Thanksgiving falling on the first day of Hanukkah, I wanted to look for ways to mingle a little each holiday at the same table. And it turns out the fruit is a fine arrange to start. That's because cooked fruit enjoys starring roles in both holidays

Sweet Potato Latkes Add Thanksgiving Twist to Hanukkah
Sweet Potato Latkes Add Thanksgiving Twist to Hanukkah This year, the first day of Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving Day, so in an deed to create a special food item dedicated to the holiday, Miller contacted Patrick Coleman, who owns Beans and Cornbread and Southern Nosh, both in Southfield. The two discern

Food mashup ideas for the Thanksgiving and Hanukkah overlap
The neighbourhood is also having a contest for customers to come up with their own Thanksgiving-Hanukkah mashup recipes. Starting Monday, cooks can log onto the Manischewitz Facebook time and submit their mashup for the chance to win a prize. For more